Pride And Accomplishment Foster a commitment to follow through on the path to
adulthood with a sense of pride and
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Individual responsibility Reassert a sense of hope towards endless
opportunities for tomorrow's success through
individual responsibility
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About us

To create a stable, safe, and secure living environment for at-risk young children that encourages and nurtures a desire to alter lifestyles and thought patterns, and enhances the capacity to study, grow, and become responsible and productive members of society.

The Light Accommodation Foundation will foster pro-social partnerships, develop strong interpersonal skills, and impart optimism for the future. Light Accommodation Foundation will inspire youngsters to set objectives and follow through on commitments in order to prepare for tomorrow’s success.  Light Accommodation Foundation will broaden young people’s perspectives and make them aware of life’s possibilities. A person’s support system has a significant impact on them. Light Accommodation Foundation will provide a loving, inclusive learning atmosphere for young people.

What we stand for

Mission statement

To offer a stable, safe and secure living environment for at-risk youth that provides training and educational opportunities, promotes and fosters a desire to change lifestyles and thought patterns, and increases the ability to learn, grow and become responsible and contributing members of society in the pursuit of the following principles:

Light Restoration Child Placing Agency

Light Restoration Child Placement Agency provides young children with the stability, structure, education, exposure, and opportunity they need to make educated decisions about their adult lifestyle and future. This helps children to shed a light on which path to follow. Children come to Light Restoration Child Placing Agency for short or long periods of time depending on their placement objectives, while their familiar surroundings are prepared for their return, or an alternate setting may be sought.

The quality of our programs demonstrates our deep and persistent care for the health and well-being of children. Our programs are designed to give children with a safe, secure environment in which to grow and develop. Light Restoration Child Placing Agency provides all of its services on a value basis. Our academic curriculum teaches children to go underneath the surface of their feelings and difficulties in order to implant ideas, methods, and decision-making skills based on the concepts of integrity, honesty, and respect for self and others. We encourage them to set high personal standards for themselves and to make reasonable and attainable objectives. No doubt, the children have potential and aim for life.


Travel Light Entertainment (TLE) was started in 2003 and registered in Houston, Texas. Since 2004, TLE has conducted multiple mentor programs with several schools in the Houston and Fort Bend Independent School Districts ranging from Elementary to High School in all areas of personal development. In January 2007, TLE partnered with The Accommodation Source who has served years in the housing industry. Through this partnership, the Light Accommodation Foundation was birthed. Light Accommodation Foundation was formed to serve the citizens in the Greater Houston area community with food, emergency assistance, clothing, and housing services for at-risk youth. Light Accommodation Foundation was incorporated in the State of Texas November 2014 and obtained the IRS nonprofit tax exemption status January 2015.

In December 2018, Light Accommodation Foundation became licensed and contracted with the State of Texas and Department of Family Protective Services to provide placement services of the youth that are in Permanent Management Conservatorship (PMC) under the Department of Family and Protective Services. Since becoming a licensed agency, LAF has licensed numerous foster homes and foster parents and placed hundreds of youths giving them endless opportunities.

Commitment: Light Accommodation Foundation will inspire pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.
Responsibility: Light Accommodation Foundation will empower youth to establish goals and follow through on commitments to prepare today for tomorrow’s success.
Possibility: Light Accommodation Foundation will expand the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities.
Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by their support system. Light Accommodation Foundation will surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.