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About Us

To create a stable, safe, and secure living environment for at-risk young children and focuses on the transition of adulthood. Endless opportunities for neglected youngsters through our programs.

Child Placement Agency provides youngsters with education, exposure, and endless opportunities they need to make educated decisions. We are a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to changing young children’s lives and prepare youth for productive lives in their communities through enhancing academic capabilities.

Services: Light Restoration Child Placement Agency provides young children with the stability, structure, education, exposure, and opportunity they need to make educated decisions about their adult lifestyle and future.

Programs Offered

Being a non-profit organization, we offer the following programs: Daughter’s Love, Noble Corner and Light Restoration

Child Placing Agency

Residential Treatment Center

Education and Training

Community Engagement

Supervised Independent Living

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Developing Youth For Tomorrow’s Success

When a youngster requires protection, we will offer:

Daughter's love

A Daughter’s Love program provides activities to our students that raise trust, security, and a feeling of belonging by providing a stable family environment for vulnerable youth in middle and high school until they graduate from high school. Individual, family, and group therapy is available to help people resolve or manage social, emotional, and mental concerns, as well as to promote self-awareness, self-worth.

Noble Corner

A Noble Corner program is focused to preparing kids for the transition to maturity and adult responsibilities. The program enables employees to assist educational initiatives by evaluating individual abilities and working with schools to place students in designated educational sectors. The program will also focus on delivering education that will improve the individual’s potential and prepare them for a career.

Light Restoration

Our youth team up with mentors to demonstrate how to achieve success in everyday life with the help of the Light Restoration program. The program’s method is designed to give activities that teach social skills, problem solving, decision making, and how to develop and sustain interpersonal connections.

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Developing Youth For Tomorrow’s Success

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